Civil Work Contractor

Architects are the one who plan, design, and supervise the construction of the buildings. An architect is the one who develops the building, so it’s his responsibility to look after the safety concerns and for taking up this task he/she should undergo professional training in the field. This is how the person will be eligible and will acquire a license to work in the field. Proper knowledge is necessary to practise architecture. They have to meet the needs and requirements of their client’s and build appropriate design. Before designing starts there are many parameters that are to be considered as we have to analyse the site, carry out meetings with our clients and stakeholders for proper planning and projection. We at Woodkrafters aim to provide 360 degree service to our clients so that they don’t have to think twice before signing a contract with us. We are the best civil work contractor containing entitled license to carry out the project.

Civil construction is the base of every project and has to be managed with care under the guidance of expert supervision such as civil work contractors. We at Woodkrafters carry every desired construction in the most feasible and precise manner concentrating the efforts strictly on the detailing with our sleek civil work management services.

With a team of highly skilled professionals and another team of experts to supervise the entire project, Woodkrafters has delivered some exceptional work that can be viewed here.Our plan of action covers every possible obstacle in advance and maintains the schedule as per the plan, taking care of all the delays caused due to any reason at any point of execution.

Our services range from replastering and patchwork, aluminum composite panels, glass Folies, FSI-incharave floor space index, structure repairing and the list goes on.

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Our Process

There are a few steps involved in every activity, so let’s jot down some steps towards helping you build your dream. We follow a process to keep everything in line and avoid conflicts. Woodkrafters architect Navi Mumbai is the place you are looking for.

  • First – Is deciding what to build – Our process first step is to understand what one aspires to build. So firstly we sit with the client and discuss all the points under that.
  • Secondly – Showing a design sample – After knowing what has to be built we go on further with designing samples and examples like rough sketches and take our clients views and opinions about it.
  • Thirdly – Developing the design – Here we refine the each and every design thoroughly and finalise the designs for spaces which are required to be constructed. We mention the correct shape, style and size of the room and also list down the material which will be used.
  • Fourth – To prepare construction documents – Once the design approval is completed, we go further with making a detailed construction specification, as this will further be added to the building contract.
  • Fifth – Civil Work Contractor – At Woodkrafters we provide 360 degree service to our clients and the client does not have to go to someplace else to find the contractor. We are the best architect in Mumbai with an aim to provide everything from our end.
  • Sixth – Construction Management – A contractor is the person who has to manage the procedure that is taking place and on the other hand architect will come and supervise the project and keep the homeowner updated.

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